A Warm Holiday Experience at Destinations Hot in September

The holiday season is just about to hit the calendar and you are still asking where is hot in September! Summer is the time to chill and relax. Most importantly, it is the season to do nothing but chill on a crowded beach, absorb the sun, and get a natural tan. Summer is the season that lasts for quite a long time. July, August, and September are the most influential months. But what is so special about finding where it is hot in September? Is it because it is almost the end of summer? Or is it because enjoying a holiday becomes cheaper during this month?

Well, it is a little bit of both of these reasons. One of the best things about finding warm countries in September is that during this time, finding less crowded holiday destinations is easy. You can book your holiday at locations where you can just soak up all the goodness of your vacation with the least interruption by unwanted peers. Simultaneously, hotel and travel fares become cheaper and more affordable. People can find a holiday of their choice within a budget that fits their pockets.

So, why wait up? Pack your bags and get that shopping list ready because it’s holiday time. You must book your holiday plan and get a flight to your desired warm destinations in September. If you are looking for some warm destinations in September, this blog can help. Read further to discover some hot destinations ideal for travelling in September. Find out what places are hot in September to plan your beach holiday and start packing your travel essentials accordingly.

1. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia Italy

Sardinia is one of the popular places that are warm in September. It is popular to travel during September for its warm atmosphere, tranquil beauty, pleasing weather, and minor crowd. The white sand beaches will uplift your holiday experience and you can go visit some of the popular tourist hubs while there is hot in September. In addition, this weather is perfect for trying some enthusiastic outdoor adventures like bike rides, kayaking, snorkelling, hiking, trekking, and boat trips.

Furthermore, some of the popular tourist attractions to visit while you are in Sardinia are the archaeological complex of Pranu Muttedu, the Nuragic village of Su Nuraxi, Arcipelago della Maddalena, Sella del Diavolo, Molentargius, the Sacred Well of Santa Cristina, and the ruins of Tharros. Moving on, you can experience the nightlife of Sardinia at popular nightclubs, bars, and lounges if you fancy a vibrant night’s thrill

Weather: Hot and warm

Estimated Temperature: 22℃ to 26℃

Days: 5 to 7 days will be perfect to find hot in September while you are roaming in this beautiful destination.

Currency: Lira

Currency Symbol:

2. Marrakesh, Morocco


If you are looking for someplace hot in September with lots and lots of sun during the day, Marrakesh is your place. Morocco is one of the warm countries in September perfect for enjoying a pleasurable holiday experience while you are here. In addition, the sun stays for about 10 hours a day during summer which means you can have plenty of daylight to explore your surroundings. Jardin Majorelle, Le Jardin Secret, Medina of Marrakesh, Marrakech Kasbah, and the Museum of Marrakech will be some best places to visit.

Furthermore, beach escapades, desert safari, camel rides, hot air balloon rides, etcetera are some of the finest experiences you can consider in some of the warmest destinations in September. You can also visit the local bazaars to buy some artefacts from the local artisans. Also, visiting a hammam and trying the Souk cuisine can be an exotic way to spend your holidays.

Weather: Hot and sunny

Estimated Temperature: 20℃ to 33℃

Days: 3 to 5 days are ideal for exploring the culture and famous attractions.

Currency: Moroccan Dirham

Currency Symbol: MAD

3. Santorini, Greece

Greece in September is a wonderful holiday destination. The country is not just hot in September, it has a handful of options for travellers to make their holiday more exciting. It is one of the warmest countries in September. Visiting Santorini in Greece can be an excellent decision as it is among those places that are warm in September. Also, the crowds are not too overwhelming during this time and y

The time is appropriate for beach weather. You can take advantage of the hot and sunny days on the beach and try some fun beach activities like snorkelling, swimming, jet skiing, and parasailing. The island is a romantic destination and perfect for honeymooners. People from all over the world travel here to visit the wineries and witness the amazing sunset views. You must try that as well to enjoy a memorable holiday in one of the warm places in September.

Weather: Hot and sunny

Estimated Temperature: 20℃ to 26℃

Days: You need at least 3 to 5 days to enjoy an excellent time in Santorini.

Currency: Euro

Currency Symbol:

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

If you are up for an adventurous holiday in some of the warmest destinations in September, you should go check Lisbon. The place is majorly popular for its sun vies at the beaches. The weather will be perfectly fine for enjoying hot in September and you can get the best out of your summer holidays. While you are at the beach, you must not forget to try some of the thrilling adventures like surfboarding, paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing, etcetera.

Moreover, the city will not be too crowded. It will be the perfect time to visit some of the iconic sites such as Belém Tower, Castelo de São Jorge, Jerónimos Monastery, Praça do Comércio, and so on. Also, you will have the advantage of budget-friendly travel since September is not a peak season for holidays.

Weather: Hot and extremely warm

Estimated Temperature: 20℃ to 26℃

Days: 3 days will be more than enough to take pleasure in your holiday in Lisbon.

Currency: Euro

Currency Symbol:

5. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the city of golden beaches and is suitably hot in September. The crowd is usually quieter during this time and you will get to enjoy handsome weather at a budget that suits your pocket. Spain celebrates several cultural events and festivals in September such as La Mercè festival, Festa Major del Poblenou, and BAM Festival.

Beaches are one of the most popular spots to visit while you are here. You can try numerous water sports like Canoeing, Rafting, Fishing, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Scuba Diving, and Snorkelling to enjoy a fun time. Apart from beaches, wine tasting is also quite popular in Barcelona. Furthermore, you should never miss the night shenanigans of the warm places in September. The clubs, bars, and pubs, are popular for a crazy nightlife with a perfect terrace view of the city.

Weather: Hot and very warm

Estimated Temperature: 20℃ to 26℃

Days: 7 days, i.e., 1 week will be perfect to explore the major attractions of Barcelona.

Currency: Euro

Currency Symbol:

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