What are Some Best Places to Visit in November?

Looking for holiday destinations in November. Here are top 6 places to go in November for holiday & know weather, temperature, currency & more about these.

Now, some would ask, why November? To be fair, there is nothing special about a November holiday plan in terms of weather and adventure. But for those who seek a great holiday experience with the least crowd and an affordable budget, November is the right time to travel. The flight fares and hotel deals tend to lower during an off-season of many travel destinations in November. People see that as an opportunity to grab and fulfil their desire to travel.

If you are such a traveller who doesn’t want to stop your wanderlust, you might be looking for the best places to travel in November. Well, embrace yourself and step on the journey to discover some of the best holiday locations for November. The blog mentions some of the top holiday destinations appropriate for your November holiday. If your idea of a holiday matches the description of these destinations, then bravo! Read further about the best places to visit in November and be amused by what catches your idea of a perfect holiday.

1. Greece

Greece is one of Europe’s most popular destinations. People like to visit here from all over the world for the entire year. Greece is one of the best places to visit in November as the weather is pleasant and you can witness occasional rain pours during this time of the year. In addition, the exploration of this beautiful destination becomes lovely and peaceful as you will not be bothered by excessive crowds.

Simultaneously, the time is perfect to travel on a budget. Flight and accommodation fares are reasonable during this time. Furthermore, the weather is appropriate to explore ancient ruins, historical sites, and picturesque landscapes. So, you can make an itinerary of some of the best holiday locations for November where you can go.

Weather: Sunny with occasional rain

Estimated Temperature: 12℃ to 20℃

Days: 7 to 10 days will be perfect in Greece to uncover the good holiday destinations in November.

Currency: Euro

Currency Symbol:

2. Argentina

If you are planning to add Argentina to your best places to visit in November plan then you are making a splendid decision. This is a great place for sightseeing as the spring blooms and enhances the weather around you completely. Adding to that, the weather makes outdoor activities more pleasant and you feel energetic to participate in the enjoyable adventures.

Most importantly, in Buenos Aires, November travel feels amazing. This is one of the best places to visit in November in Argentina as the mild temperature can ensure you to explore via bikes. The city is picture-perfect for discovering some of the best sites with a smaller crowd. Moreover, outdoor activities like trekking, camping, and hiking are most likely to be considered by travellers.

Weather: Warm and sunny

Estimated Temperature: 18℃ to 25℃

Days: 10 days would be more than enough to spend an excellent holiday in Argentina.

Currency: Peso

Currency Symbol: $

3. Japan


Visiting Japan during November can be a pleasant experience as it is the autumn season and the natural red-orange hues make the landscapes look more attractive. Other than the romantic autumn colours, the season brings an allure of numerous cultural events like the fireworks festival, parades, light displays, and several traditional performances. there are several best places to visit in November for travellers such as Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and some other iconic sites.

Moving on, while you are in Japan, you must experience the traditional tea ceremony and visit some of the popular temples to seek calm and comfort. Other than that, if you are up for an outdoor adventure, try skiing from the top of Mount Fuji. November is the beginning of ski season and you can enjoy this adventure on a relatively low budget.

Weather: Mildly cool with occasional rain

Estimated Temperature: 12℃ to 25℃

Days: You would require about 10 days to enjoy your holidays in Japan.

Currency: Yen

Currency Symbol: ¥

4. USA


One of the best places to visit in November to experience tradition and beauty is the United States of America. November is the time for Thanksgiving, a holiday filled with love, warmth, and hearty meals. If you are up for devouring the November turkey then “Bon Appetit”! New York, Florida, California, Colorado, and Los Angeles are some of the best places to travel in November while you are in the States. Each location has a different environment.

However, the autumn or as the Americans would say, fall colours will bring the same amount of energy to your travel. Overall, November is a fine time to relax during your holidays as the places will not be too crowded. Also, the soft hues in the southern states will make the holiday more enjoyable. It will be a perfect time to try outdoor escapades like camping, hiking, sailing, etcetera.

Weather: Warm with average rainfall

Estimated Temperature: 20℃ to 30℃

Days: 10 to 14 days will be needed to attend some of the finest events in the USA.

Currency: USD or Dollar

Currency Symbol: $

5. Mexico


Mexico is among the good holiday destinations in November, ideal for chilling on the coasts. The season is warm and quieter. As a matter of fact, it is just before the arrival of the busy season. So, you can visit here during November to avoid excessive crowds. In terms of adventure, the place is most likely to be suitable for quiet activities like swimming, boat tours, forest exploration, etcetera.

One of the unique things about travelling to Mexico in November is that the time is popular for its “Dia De Muertos” holiday. This literally means the “Day of the Dead” and Mexican people pay tribute to deceased family members. Several towns organise parades where people dress up, paint their faces, and visit the graves of their departed loved ones. You can experience this liveliest event in Mexican culture during your Mexico holiday in November.

Weather: Warm and mild in most regions.

Estimated Temperature: 24℃ to 29℃

Days: 5 to 7 days are ideal to explore some of the good holiday destinations in November.

Currency: Mexican Peso

Currency Symbol: MXN$

6. Turkey


November is the finest time to visit Turkey in terms of weather, exploration, adventure, and budget. You can find several budget-friendly travel destinations in November which is not too packed with tourists. The weather is cooler and ideal for wandering and sightseeing. Since it is not the shoulder season, your November exploration will be quite cheap. In addition, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Mount Nemrut, Topkapi Palace, and Basilica Cistern are some of the best places to visit in November. You can also try some fun outdoor adventures like hot air balloon rides, hiking, cruise tours, trekking, etcetera.

Moreover, November is a perfect time to witness some iconic events in Turkey. Feast of the Sacrifice, the Ogikubo Music Festival, and the Istanbul Marathon are some of the popular events you can witness during your visit. In addition, the Istanbul food tour is quite popular, making Istanbul one of the best places to visit in November. You can also try the seasonal foods, authentic Turkish tea, and the local delicacies.

Weather: Mild and sunny Estimated Temperature: 15℃ to 20℃ Days: 1 to 2 weeks or 10 to 14 days will be great for exploring Turkey’s most loved destinations in November. Currency: Lira Currency Symbol:

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