What are Some of the Best Places to Visit in December?

December is the season of festivals and a completely enthusiastic vibe that drives travel enthusiasts for new escapades. Finding the best places to visit in December to channel your enthusiasm is what you should do to ensure your December holidays will not go in vain. Why should someone travel during this time of the year? Wouldn’t sitting on a sofa, taking a sip of eggnog, and unwrapping presents with your family be perfect during the festive season? Well, it is indeed the definition of an ideal holiday. But to wanderers, seeking comfort and rejoicing on holiday with a view is perfection.

If you are a travel enthusiast, you must be wondering where to spend your holidays and what are some of the best places to visit in December. If you are in search of finding a perfect destination to go on holiday in December, this blog is for you. We have mentioned some of the best places to travel in December and the motivation behind visiting there for a fabulous holiday experience. Read further to discover the best countries to visit in December.

1. Maldives


Maldives is the World’s best holiday destination in December and throughout the year. The breathtaking beaches along with the serene waters make it a paradise on Earth. Most importantly, if you are looking for a place which is hot in December, Maldives is your destination. This destination has appropriate weather for a perfect beach holiday. You can try some crazy water adventures like scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, flyboarding, and whatnot. The hot and dry weather will be your companion for an energetic holiday.

It does not matter where you go, you will be amazed just by the first glimpse of that place. From day to night time, your holiday will always be pumped up by the excitement of the phenomenal best places to visit in December. Several resorts and clubs on the island are renowned for their night parties. The island is among the popular honeymoon destinations in December as it has many charming views to enhance your romantic escapades.

Weather: Hot and dry

Estimated Temperature: 25℃ to 31℃

Days: 1 week will be perfect for the best places to visit in December.

Currency: Rufiyaa

Currency Symbol: Rf

2. Colombo, Sri Lanka

If you are looking for some of the best places to visit in December for a fantastic holiday experience, you should get a flight to Sri Lanka. It is one of the finest places to explore and enjoy a blended environment. You can experience sunny mornings, balmy evenings, and cool nights during your holidays. It is a festive month and Sri Lanka is among the best countries to visit in December. The peak season enhances the fun of your entire holiday. If you want to enjoy your holiday with the right festive vibes, Colombo is one of the places to travel in December.

It is the largest city in the country and popular for its rich colonial heritage. From chic beaches to historical landmarks, every palace is ideal to go on holiday in December. Furthermore, Colombo has several holiday destinations in December for a pleasing festive celebration. Christmas is of course on top of the list of most happening events of the year. The excitement is visible in the promising events organised by various bars, clubs, and hotels. You must consider visiting here as it is one of the best places to visit in December.

Weather: Sunny with balmy evenings

Estimated Temperature: 24℃ to 31℃

Days: 10 to 14 days will be needed to enjoy your time in Sri Lanka.

Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee

Currency Symbol: Rs

3. Bangkok, Thailand


Thailand is one of the best places to visit in December. In terms of holidays, Thailand has to offer an abundance of options. For every need of a perfect holiday, you can have options. For instance, if you wish to stay calm and collected during your holiday, you can chill on the beaches, ponder about the natural beauty of the scenic landscapes, and discover the elegance of the temples and palaces. On the other hand, if you wish to find a thrilling yet joyous holiday experience, visiting the cities of Thailand is what you can do. You can visit Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket to experience vibrant nightlife along with some breathtaking views.

Apart from city views, Thailand is one of the finest places to travel in December because the festive season blends perfectly with the pleasant weather. The season is adequately hot, making it appropriate to plan a beach getaway. Most importantly, December is the time for festive vibes which are quite evident in Thailand. Several clubs organise Live DJs and vibrant decorations with sky lanterns for a phenomenal Christmas celebration. You must consider Thailand if you plan to go on holiday in December.

Weather: Adequately hot

Estimated Temperature: 24℃ to 31℃

Days: At least 7 days will be needed for one of the best countries to visit in December.

Currency: Thai Baht

Currency Symbol: ฿

4. Goa, India


India observes quite a dynamic weather during December. The Northern states face a cool and chilly season, whereas the Southern states like Kerala and Goa are popular for their sunny weather. Goa is one of the best places to visit in December as it is the peak season for holidays. People from all over the world visit Goa for an extremely lavish holiday experience. There are many places to travel while you are in Goa for sightseeing.

The beaches are amazing during this time of the year. You can go swimming and explore some of the best tourist attractions. If you wish to visit Goa for Christmas celebrations, you must go for it. The place is quite much influenced by Christian culture which is evident in its holiday season. Visiting a peppy club, or bar, and trying your luck at the casino will be some of the highlights of your holiday. You must try the tempting festive delights and local delicacies of India.

Weather: Hot and sunny

Estimated Temperature: 21℃ to 34℃

Days: 7 to 10 days will be more than enough to spend a fabulous time in India.

Currency: Indian Rupee

Currency Symbol:

5. Rome, Italy

Italy is one of the best places to visit in December for a holiday under a budget. When it comes to romance, it is the lover’s paradise. This is the reason why so many people shortlist their trips to some of the famous honeymoon destinations in December. Well, romance is not the only inspiration for travellers to visit here. The landscapes, food, and culture are some prime factors that promote travel in Rome. I understand that Rome can be slightly cold in December. But, trust me, it is worth going on holiday.

Apart from romance, Italy offers a selection of world-famous food options. Italian cuisine is globally acknowledged and you should also try the authentic taste of some rich delicacies of the country. Since you will be visiting Rome during the festival season, you can experience the Christmas delights at the markets. The festive decoration, theme confectioneries, unique gifting options, and tempting food will uplift your ebullience.

Weather: Mild but not too cold

Estimated Temperature: 5℃ to 13℃

Days: 2 weeks, i.e., 14 days is nice to explore one of the best places to visit in December.

Currency: Euro

Currency Symbol:

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