Popular Honeymoon Destinations in September For a Romantic Getaway

What are some popular honeymoon destinations in September? If the wedding bells have rung your mind then this must be your honeymoon period. Nothing sounds more magical than the honeymoon period when it comes to marriages. Everyone has a different idea of an ideal holiday. But, the honeymoon is unlike any ordinary holiday, it is an experience of a lifetime. Chilling on a cosy site, exploring picture-perfect landscapes, discovering historical landmarks, or devouring phenomenal cuisine becomes more fun when you try that with the person you love the most in the world.

Of course, the feeling cannot be matched, so should be the place where you decide to create all the find memories. Selecting among the best honeymoon destinations in September can be chaotic as you might be looking for that one particular place which checks all the boxes on your list. If you are looking for a perfect honeymoon place which is astonishingly gorgeous, has plenty of adventure waiting for you, has a cheerful warmth, and will not poke a hole in your wallet then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we have shortlisted some of the finest honeymoon destinations in September. Read more to know what is so special about these places and whether it has what you are looking for or not.

1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is among the popular honeymoon destinations in September. It is majorly known for its romantic coastline and pristine beaches. September is the time of pleasing weather with plenty of sun. The warmth makes you dive into the sea and enjoy your time. Apart from beaches, Zanzibar is a nice place where you can enjoy the finest adventures such as snorkelling, quad bike rides, forest exploration, etcetera.

Talking about forest safari, seeing the tall giraffes and other wildlife exposures are some of the things beyond perfection in Tanzania. There are several places you can consider for an epic experience. The Zanzibar island and Stone Town are prime locations for tourists. The breathtaking landscapes will rejuvenate your energy and you will have an amazing honeymoon in September.

Weather: Hot and sunny

Estimated Temperature: 20℃ to 30℃

Days: 7 days is the least you should spend at Zanzibar’s best romantic vacations in September.

Currency: Tanzanian Shillings

Currency Symbol: TSh

2. Corfu, Greece

Corfu island Greece beach

Greece in September is a perfect romantic place to be when you are on your honeymoon. September is considered one of the best times to visit Corfu for people who are looking for a pocket-friendly holiday destination. So, for those who seek affordable honeymoons in September in a romantic place, Corfu is your ideal destination. The beach is the foremost important part of your holiday. The water is mostly calm which is perfect for boating. Also, the warm weather makes relaxing on the beach more soothing.

Apart from that, exploring historic sites and tourist attractions will be the best thing to consider. Some popular honeymoon destinations in September will be Corfu Old Fortress, Mon Repos Palace, Palace of Saint Michel and Saint George, Corfu Town’s fortifications. Some of them are renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can even explore the Old Town of Corfu for a lovely walk down the narrow streets with your partner.

Weather: Warm and sunny

Estimated Temperature: 20℃ to 30℃

Days: 7 to 10 days will be best for exploring the popular September honeymoon destinations.

Currency: Euro

Currency Symbol:

3. Mauritius


When it comes to finding the most romantic places to go on a honeymoon, Mauritius will always make room on the list. The warm weather with plenty of sunshine for almost the entire year makes Mauritius one of the best honeymoon destinations in September or whenever you want to go. The island is popular for its scenic atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes make the holiday experience more pleasing.

A holiday in Mauritius is mostly about chilling on the beach and sipping the most exotic cocktails and mocktails to feel refreshed. It is going to be a luxurious holiday and enjoying it with the love of your life will uplift the vibe to another extent. The best part about your honeymoon in September is that the season is not a peak season. Only a few crowds are expected during this time. So you can get a flight and hotel booking at affordable prices.

Weather: Warm with plenty of sunshine

Estimated Temperature: 20℃ to 26℃

Days: 1 week, i.e., 7 days sounds perfect for spending the best romantic vacations in September.

Currency: Rupee

Currency Symbol: Rs

4. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Looking for affordable honeymoons in September? Bali is your calling! September is a time to plan your Bali escapades without exceeding your budget. It is an off-season, the crowd is less, and the flight bookings and hotel deals will be compatible with your budget. Bali, the Island of God is popular for a lot of reasons such as the Hindu and Buddhist temples, epic mythological sagas, tourist attractions, shimmery beaches, volcanic mountains, and picturesque landscapes. All these things influence people to choose Bali over several honeymoon destinations in September.

You can enjoy the pleasant weather on the beach and try some amazing water adventures. Also, outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, and quad bike riding sound fun. Talking about outdoor adventure, you must visit some of the popular tourist spots in Bali. Mount Batur, Ubud, Tegenungan Waterfall, Nusa Penida Island, Tanah Lot Temple, Tegallalang Rice Terrace, Uluwatu Temple, Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, etcetera are popular among tourists.

Weather: Hot and sunny

Estimated Temperature: 22℃ to 27℃

Days: 5 to 7 days will be quite good to enjoy your honeymoon in Bali.

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah

Currency Symbol: Rp

5. Seychelles


Seychelles is one of the heavenly honeymoon destinations in September which feels like a dream sequence one can imagine. The beaches’ abundant beauty and the fabulous landscapes enhance the charm even more. You will never feel enough of your experiences in the best romantic vacations in September. The beaches are for sure the highlight of your honeymoon in September. The atmosphere is perfect for relaxing under the palm trees. The calm water has a clear transparent view to help you clear your mind.

You can take advantage of the warmth of the season and dive into the mild cosy sea. It is perfectly fabulous for a swim or trying snorkelling. You should consider the culinary delights and exotic drinks at some of the best September honeymoon destinations with your loved one. Furthermore, Seychelles is quite suitable for a ravenous night thrill. You can check the popular nightclubs, bars, and pubs, or even go to the casinos.

Weather: Warm and dry

Estimated Temperature: 24℃ to 29℃

Days: To enjoy your honeymoon in Seychelles, spend 10 to 14 days in one of the popular honeymoon destinations in September.

Currency: Seychellois Rupees

Currency Symbol: SRs

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