Some Ideal Holiday Destinations That Are Hot in December

Are you not up for a holiday in someplace cold? Wanna know where you can find hot in December? If a cold place is not your ideal holiday destination, then you do not need to worry. There are still many warm countries in December that offer an amazing, adventurous, and calming holiday experience. December is the year-ending month but it does not necessarily mean you cannot find a cosy place to wander and enjoy. In fact, some of these hot places in December are famous for their enchanting beaches and natural warmth.

Do you wish to enjoy your holiday on the beach? A beach holiday with miles-long shoreline and scenic landscapes to discover is waiting for you. The countries are hot in December and you will be thrilled to explore what these destinations have to offer. If you wish to know more about December hot countries where you can witness the winter sun, this blog is for you. Here, we have mentioned some of the popular warm destinations in December. These countries and their famous cities are perfect for seeking a calming holiday vibe with enchanting experiences and festive fun. Read further to discover the places that are hot in December.


One of the best places to visit in December is the Maldives. The place is hot in December and the season is ideal for beach as well as outdoor escapades. Even if you are looking for options for your honeymoon in December hot countries, Maldives should be on your list. Several popular Honeymoon Destinations in December in this country are worth visiting. Maldives has to offer numerous things that will make your holidays fun and memorable. The divine weather, breathtaking beaches, picturesque landscapes, marvellous adventure activities, and many more things will uplift your holiday experience. Especially if you are looking for some warm destinations in December to go and chill on the beach, Maldives is simply perfect.

The beaches are hot in December and you can take advantage of a sunny day to enjoy several water sports. Swimming, Scuba diving, Snorkelling, Catamaran sailing, and paddleboarding will be fun activities to try on the beach. During December, the people in Maldives celebrate Fisherman’s Day in honour of fishermen and their contribution to the economy. You can experience this event closely and learn more about the Maldivian culture and people.

Weather: Hot and dry

Estimated Temperature: 25℃ to 31℃

Days: 1 week will be perfect for the best places to visit in December.

Currency: Rufiyaa

Currency Symbol: Rf

Miami, US


Miami is a place, hot in December and you will be thrilled to see the mind-blowing beachside and exciting activities the city has to offer. The United States of America has dynamic weather conditions in different parts. Some places are cold while others add the US to the popular warm counties in December list. If you like to enjoy a hot sunny holiday with a well-spent time on the beach, consider visiting Miami. It is one of the warmest destinations with plenty of amazing things to do.

You can visit popular tourist landmarks in Miami such as Freedom Tower, Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel, Deering Estate, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, Wynwood Walls, etcetera. Moreover, while discussing the festival season, you can surely attend the annual music festival, Rolling Loud Miami. Not just that, Miami organises several events during this time of the year. You can visit here to enjoy the holiday lights, concerts, art shows and many more happening events.

Weather: Warm

Estimated Temperature: 18℃ to 25℃

Days: 5 to 7 days are more than enough to enjoy this warm destination.

Currency: Dollar or USD

Currency Symbol: $


Mexico is among the warm countries in December and Cancun is your go-to place if you are looking for some hot cities in December. The mild weather makes exploring the city more pleasurable. The sunny sky will be your companion for daytime adventures. You can opt for seeing the beaches where you can enjoy a nice yet rejuvenating swim. In addition, the low tides will allow you to try scuba diving while the sea is calm. Not only that, but the crystal clear water of the Caribbean coastline is ideal for snorkelling, kayaking, and windsurfing.

Cancun is perfectly hot in December, which means you can go for outdoor sightseeing at some landmark sites. Chichen Itza, Tulum, San Miguelito archaeological site, Coba, and El Rey Archaeological Area are some popular tourist-friendly hot places in December. When talking about the December holidays, we can surely not forget that it is Festival time. Mexico is one of the popular December hot countries and is quite famous for its holiday festivities. People in Cancun celebrate Las Posadas and organise house parties. You can enjoy the decorations, parties, Christmas vibe, and the mildly hot weather in some popular warm destinations in December.

Weather: Hot and mild

Estimated Temperature: 20℃ to 28℃

Days: 5 to 7 days will be needed to explore the hot places in Cancun.

Currency: Mexican Pesos

Currency Symbol: $

Goa, India


Goa is India’s one of the hot cities in December and is packed with a lot of fun sightseeing and chilling escapades. The beaches here are quite happening and places like Baga, Candolim, Calangute and Anjuna are rushed with tourists and their crowds. But, the only thing that you will care about the warm destinations in December is the warmth you will find on the beaches and the breezy sea shores that will uplift your spirits. In addition, the weather is perfect for sightseeing and discovering historical landmarks. You should try some of the popular water adventures on the beach like, Scuba diving, Windsurfing, Parasailing, Snorkelling, Jet skiing, and Kayaking.

Since it is warm during this time of the year, you might find Goa a bit out of budget. But trust me, you will love your time here and your over-budget holiday in a hot place in December will be more overwhelming than being a point of concern. During the festive season, the enthusiasm in this place reaches to another extent. Several events at the nightclubs, bars, pubs, and beach parties will influence you to join them and make your holidays memorable in Goa’s hot places in December.

Weather: Warm, sunny, and dry

Estimated Temperature: 22℃ to 33℃

Days: 10 to 14 days are perfect to seek pleasure in Goa while it is hot in December.

Currency: Indian Rupee

Currency Symbol:


December is a festive month, which indicates that it is a peak holiday season in Cuba. People like to visit here to enjoy the pleasing weather, amazing adventures, and perfectly sunny holidays. Cuba is hot in December as it is the beginning of the dry season and is the perfect time to encounter some of the magical places in this country. The sea is warm during this time, making it ideal to dive in for a nice swim. Also, if you plan to go sailing, you should go for it.

Furthermore, many places like Havana, Santa Clara, and Trinidad are popular for their historical sites. You can consider visiting there for sightseeing. Moving on to the vibrant December season, you can surely not miss the festive vibe of this place. Las Parrandas de Remedios, which is the Christmas festival is quite popular in Cuba. The event is popular for so many reasons. The colourful street party and the vibrant New Year’s Eve celebration, firework competition, etcetera are the most celebrated festivities you can enjoy here during your stay in Cuba’s hot cities in December.

Weather: Sunny and dry

Estimated Temperature: 17℃ to 27℃

Days: 7 to 10 days will be perfect to enjoy Cuba when it is festive time and hot in December.

Currency: Cuban Peso

Currency Symbol:

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