Best Places to Visit in October for a Perfect Holiday

Planning a holiday for October sounds fun. But before you start looking out for the best places to visit in October, you must figure out what exactly it is that you are expecting for your holiday. Some people seek calm and composed holiday destinations in October where they can have a quiet moment to themselves. Whereas, some travel enthusiasts look for adventure, thrill, and a non-stop package of entertainment while they are travelling.

If you are certain of what you have been expecting from your dream holiday destination, you will discard all the unnecessary points. Focusing on what’s more important is a real challenge when it comes to taking pleasure in every bit. If we talk about the best places to visit in October, people usually look out for destinations with a burst of quite more sunshine, a subtle warmth, and miles-long scenic landscapes.

October is one of the best months to travel. Just before autumn is about to knock on the door, you still get time to enjoy some days full of sunshine. Many warm destinations in October welcome international guests. In this blog, we have mentioned the brief on destinations that make it a perfect place to holiday in October. If you want to know what makes these October holiday destinations perfect and why they are so popular amongst tourists? Read the blog to get your answers and discover the best places to visit in October.

1. Spain

Talking about the best holiday destinations in October, Spain is a hot destination and will always be on top of the list. Canary Islands, Valencia, Balearics, Seville, etcetera are some of the best places to visit in October must-visit itineraries you can consider. The country is famous for its breathtaking beaches with the hues of sunlight, mesmerising landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage sites, Centuries-old historical monuments, and whatnot. If you are a fan of art and culture, you must learn more about the historical places to go in October in Spain.

Furthermore, you can have a thrilling experience near the coastal areas. The ravishing beaches with fun-packed water activities like snorkelling, surfing, swimming, sea diving, and many more will lead your holidays to a level-up. Apart from water adventure, the cultural festivals of Spain are quite amazing. Fiestas del Pilar, Barcelona Jazz Festival, and Fiesta de la Trashumancia are some popular festivals you should try visiting. While you are in Spain, do try their delicious seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.

Weather: Warm and sunny

Estimated Temperature: 15℃ to 25℃

Days: 15 days or 2 weeks will be perfect for exploring Spain.

Currency: Euro

Currency Symbol:

2. The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are pleasing and the surreal warmth of the October holiday destinations will uplift your holiday experience. Corfu, Rhodes, Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, and Zakynthos are some of the best places to visit in October while you are visiting the Greek Islands. Since you are way past the shoulder seasons, the thought of extremely crowded places will not bother you. This does not mean that the prime locations will be completely isolated. You will still see a fine number of visitors who are seeking pleasure in this mind-blowing holiday destination.

Moreover, when talking about the amazing things you can do here, exploring the ancient ruins, monuments, and World Heritage sites and learning about the culture will always be the first preference. Other than that, the beaches here have a fine charm that dwells visitors to their sensational beauty. If you are a wine-lover, you must visit the expanded vineyards that add charm to the richness of this destination.

Weather: Warm and sunny

Estimated Temperature: 20℃ to 25℃

Days: 7 to 10 days will be perfect for enjoying the holiday destination in October of the Greek Islands.

Currency: Euro

Currency Symbol:

3. Bali

Bali is simply one of the best places to visit in October due to its warm temperature and luscious views. The clear blue sky with adorable sunshine feels like nature’s gift. Bali is one of the warm destinations in October. Also, the occasional rains during this month will be one of the prime factors that will make your holiday a pleasurable experience. The island is fantastic and so are the picturesque landmarks. There are many historical temples to visit in Bali where you can seek a calm collected vibe.

Other than that, Bali is famous for its outdoor adventures. Mount Batur, Ubud Monkey Forest, Elephant Cave, and Sekumpul Waterfall are some of the best places to visit in October in Bali. You can enjoy an engaging day, full of exploring the caves, hiking, trekking, or just chilling on the beaches. The Balinese culture and art is quite famous among tourists. You can explore the market to buy handmade silver ornaments, wooden crafts, coffee varieties, and batik textiles as souvenirs.

Weather: Sunny with little rainy days

Estimated Temperature: 24℃ to 32℃

Days: 10 to 14 days are perfect to explore Bali’s most-visited places to go in October.

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah

Currency Symbol: Rp

4. India

India will make one of the finest October holiday destinations for you as the time is right for travelling without feeling too overwhelmed. Monsoon’s impact gets overshadowed by the sun and the clear sky brings a sense of enthusiasm in tourists. Rajasthan, Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Kerala, and some other states are most likely to be the best places to visit in October while you are in India. The rich culture and divine spirit of festivals will pump up your energy and you will crave to learn more about the history.

The Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Gateway of India, Golden Temple, Hawa Mahal, etcetera are some phenomenal historical places to go during October. If you are a foodie, Delhi is your go-to place to holiday in October as the street food here is to die for. The bazaars of India are the perfect hubs for finding antique, traditional, modern, and bohemian artefacts and ornaments. Indian textiles can vary from region to region in India. Cotton and silk are the famous fabrics for producing traditional Indian clothes and would be the perfect souvenir option.

Weather: Warm and sunny

Estimated Temperature: 30℃ to 35℃

Days: 2 weeks, i.e. 14 days will be required to explore India and its amazing landmarks.

Currency: Rupee

Currency Symbol:

5. Italy

Italy is the place where you can enjoy the enchanting ambience, pleasant weather, world-class places to explore, and rich gourmet cuisine. If you are visiting Italy, Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice, and Naples are the best places to visit in October. The best thing about visiting Italy is because it is one of the warm destinations in October where people love to spend holidays. The dry atmosphere and mild warmth of the season are simply perfect for delivering a cosy environment.

The streets emerge with fall colours as autumn is about to enter the calendar. Also, the crowd is most likely to be gone by October, making it more convenient and budget-friendly to travel. The food tastes divine with a glass of fine wine! Do you know that Italy is the land of one of the world’s best wine producers? You must try their perfectly aged wines along with the authentic signature dishes in a cosy cafe or any preferred place to holiday in October.

Weather: Hot and dry days and mildly cool during the night.

Estimated Temperature: 20℃ to 25℃

Days: 10 to 14 days are most likely to be sufficient to spend a great time in Italy.

Currency: Euro

Currency Symbol:

6. Thailand

Thailand is a gorgeous place for spending a fun holiday with your loved ones. The warmth of the weather with occasional drizzling makes Thailand in October worth visiting. People here are very hospitable and like serving the tourists. Therefore, Thailand is a tourist-friendly country. Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Phi Phi islands, Krabi, and several other places make this country one of the best places to visit in October. If you are planning for a holiday, Bangkok is surely a destination that keeps buzzing in your mind. The capital of Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations in the World.

Many tourist attractions are worth visiting in Thailand. Several places here celebrate the long-boat race during October. You can visit some of the popular landmark sites to make every second count. The Big Budha Temple, The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Phra Chetuphon, etcetera are some popular places you can consider visiting. If you are a shopaholic like me, then you must visit the popular markets of Thailand for some retail therapy. Patpong Night Market, Pattaya Floating Market Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, and Warorot Market are quite popular among tourists.

Weather: Mild climate with occasional rain.

Estimated Temperature: 24℃ to 29℃

Days: 7 days will be perfect for a fun holiday in Thailand.

Currency: Baht

Currency Symbol: ฿

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