Answers to your Curiosity to Travel to Cambodia in December

Finding a warm and sunny place to enjoy the December holiday can be confusing, but it is indeed possible. Cambodia in December is a pleasing holiday destination filled with fun and adventure. The thriving beaches are one of the most beautiful places to have a fantastic time. The country has one of the finest beaches in Asia, perfect for sunrise and sunset views. The landscapes are mind-blowing and you will not be able to control yourself from gazing at the infinite charm of Cambodia.

The country is not just limited to beaches and landscapes! You can visit the nearby rural villages and streets. It is perfect for a quiet getaway where you can have a peaceful time and admire the rustic beauty more clearly. The rural side of Cambodia has many things to encounter, such as the local temples, diverse culture, wildlife, and agricultural practices.

Overall, the country is perfect for a family holiday, a group holiday, or a solo trip. So, prepare your backpacks and be ready for a relaxing adventure, it’s time to get a flight to Cambodia. In this blog, we will discuss what a fantastic idea it is to visit Cambodia in December. If you are planning to visit here and want to know what the Cambodia holidays in December are like, read further.

Why is December the best time to visit Cambodia?

Koh Rong

If you are thinking about what is so special about Cambodia in December, you must know that the time is perfect to avoid unwanted weather changes. The season is mostly dry and sunny. Plus, the chances of rain are quite low. This allows you to enjoy a chill time in this beautiful country and have a thriving holiday experience. In addition, Cambodia temperature in December is neither too harsh nor too freezing. So, you can enjoy your holidays in a calm atmosphere and take pleasure in the fun things that come your way.

Apart from Cambodia temperature in December, the country is perfect for outdoor escapades. The cool and dry weather will be your companion to try some adventure sports on the beach and mountains. From the Christmas perspective, December is the best time to visit Cambodia. The festivities are stunning and quite Christmassy in places like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. The Christmas markets will bring a joyful experience to your holiday as it will be your home away from home during this time of the year.

What is the temperature and Cambodia weather in December?

December is one of the peak months in Cambodia. It is when tourists show keen interest in travelling to some of the great parts of the country. This might be because the weather and Cambodia temperature in December is apt for travelling and outdoor explorations. So, for people who like to enjoy a sunny day on the beach and trekking in the mountains, this is your ideal holiday destination. You can travel here without feeling overwhelmed by the extreme heat or cold. Cambodia weather in December offers a pleasing time filled with fantastic things to do. You can enjoy your holiday throughout the day. For instance, the days are filled with sunny mornings and dry weather. On the other hand, the evenings are perfectly cool and balmy to enjoy the view. Cambodia’s temperature in December can vary from 22°C to 29°C, creating an atmosphere ideal for outdoor explorations and beach activities.

What things to do in Cambodia in December?

Mekong River

Cambodia in December offers an amazing opportunity for travellers to discover its natural beauty. Also, a complete package of wonders is on its way to woo you with the adventures it holds. Here’s what you can do for your Cambodia holidays in December:

Where to go for Cambodia holidays in December?

Siem Reap

There are many places to visit in Cambodia in December. Some are ideal for trying energetic tourist activities, while some are ideal for relaxing and enjoying the country view with a peaceful vibe. Following are the best places you can visit in Cambodia:

1. Angkor Wat

Angkor Wait

Angkor Wat is one of the popular places in Cambodia. Tourists find the ancient temples and religious sites quite intriguing. December is the best time to visit Cambodia because the weather will be in your favour when you are engaged in your adventures and explorations. Furthermore, the Angkor temple is one of the largest religious sites in the world. You must add this iconic place to the go-to list of your holiday itinerary.

2. Kampot

Kampot Cambodia

Kampot is renowned for its organic farms and rich plantations of tropical fruits. Pineapple, mangosteen and lychee are highly popular here. You must try the divine taste of these exotic fruits. You can easily fall for the charm of Kampot’s natural beauty. It is more of a countryside view covered with the lush green mountains around the calm riverside. Moreover, the coastal side of this place has a touristy vibe and is quite promising and lived by tourists.

3. Battambang

Battambang Temple in Cambodia

Battambang is called “the rice bowl of Cambodia” as the place is the leading rice producer. Also, it is the largest city in Cambodia. The Psar Nath will be nice to visit. It is the heritage landmark of this city. In addition, you will be pleased by the hospitality of the locals in Battambang. Their welcoming nature feels very weather-warming to the foreign visitors.

4. Koh Rong

Koh Rong cambodia

If you are looking for a dazzling white sandy beach in Cambodia in December where you can relax and enjoy the view, Koh Rong is your place to visit. You can go for a boat ride in the hot Cambodia weather in December. Apart from that, the beaches will be perfect for swimming, kayaking, snorkelling, trekking through the waterfall, etcetera. Overall, this island has the blend of relaxation and adventure that many tourists love to do on holiday.

5. Kep

Kep Cambodia

Kep is a small town in Cambodia where tourists seek pleasure while relaxing on the beach. The palace is located on the coastal shoreline of Cambodia. If you wish to experience the countryside and country life, Kep is the right place to explore. Take a tour of the local marketplace and nearby areas on a Tuk-tuk, the local means of transportation. You can try the seafood that will amaze you with its rich yet authentic taste.

Tips to enjoy Cambodia in December

Siem Reap Cambodia

There are many places for you to explore and a lot of things that you can do to enjoy your holidays in Cambodia in December. But, if you are not cautious and do not pay attention to some important things, you will not be able to enjoy your holidays. Here are some tips to ensure your holiday will be more pleasurable than complete chaos.

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